Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Ikea

Dear Ikea,
I don't know why I continue to run back to you. Even when I'm certain I can do better I continue to stay loyal. I thought that one day I would have beautiful grown up furniture not purchased at Ikea, I huffed and puffed and made the argument that no matter what happens with our reno budget  WE WILL, WE MUST purchase new furniture that will not need to be hauled home in a million boxes and assembled. My loving husband agreed. We began our crazy long search and found.. wait for it.. NOTHING.

Okay that's not entirely true, I did have my eye on a cute little number from Urban Barn and after scouring the city we realized our options were limited. Ken and I headed back to Urban Barn hand in hand to make the big purchase.. stood in front of this lovely grey sofa with tufts, took one look at each other and walked out. Her handsome price tag did not make her that much better than her cheap cousins at Ikea. So here we are again.. unwrapping boxes and crossing fingers. So Ikea, its because of your amazing prices, your comfortable furniture (if you get the right stuff), your kid friendly and removable fabrics that keep me coming back. Its a love hate relationship.. but so far you and me.. we're good.

When Ikea gives you more boxes

there is no excuse not to make forts

or cardboard houses

our first sectional sofa.. the karlstad

found these pillows at superstore! great price at under $15 each and adds a bit of color for now

Front Room
complete bookshelf
area rug
side table project
window treatment
purchase sofa
spray sofa legs


  1. Oh but I love putting the furniture together. That's half the fun! I have to put Leilas bed together and it will be the first non-Ikea furniture I've assembled;) Much more fun than painting IMO.

    1. Im certain this will not be our last ikea purchase, anytime you want to come by and assemble I will put the coffee on :)
      thanks for reading!!

  2. I'd be happy to do it too:)

  3. I enjoyed reading this....funny..."not that much better than her cheap cousins." I can see what you mean about grown up furniture but I still love wandering through ikea and emerging dehydrayed and inchorent a week later.

  4. Love the cousins - which two pieces did you buy to make the sectional:)?

  5. Carrie,
    the sofa is the karlstad line from Ikea and you can pick and choose what combination you would like to use. There are a variety of removeable washable covers and the price is right! Ive never been a sectional kind of girl in the past but this sofa is great! so comfy too and room for everyone to stretch out. For our particular combo we purchased the corner sofa plus the add on chaise.

  6. I love thw coffee table! Where did you find it?

    1. thank you! we picked up the table at homesense a few years ago. I originally bought it thinking i would paint over the blue but it grew on me :)


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