Saturday, May 26, 2012

Add length to curtains without sewing

Don't want no short short curtains! 
We hung the rod too low in a  quick fix when we first moved in however we finally have curtains we like and need to address the fact that they appear to be waiting for a flood.
Curtain rods are hung too low, but damn i love these curtains.. only $25 per panel.

The curtains have finally been raised, now to deal with this shorty

Quite the difference in length

I've cut 16" inches of fabric from an extra panel.

folded the cut edge over and used no sew fabric glue to hold the seam and hide the jagged cut.

Once the glue held, I lined up the pattern and used the fabric glue to secure the new fabric to the front of my existing curtain

The end result is slightly embarrassing. Thankfully this panel will usually be blocked by furniture and tucked away in the corner.

window #2

With one more panel to go I used some witchery ribbon I had left over from an old Ikea curtain purchase and this seemed much easier.
This time instead of using glue to hold the jagged fold together I applied the witchery tape and ironed it.

Next, I lined up the fabric so the patterns matched and used no sew fabric glue to attach it directly to the front of the existing curtain


The extension isn't horribly noticeable and I'm pretty happy with the results considering it was  fabric with a pattern AND done without a sewing machine

End Result

Loving the raised curtain rod and the longer panels! I also think its time to retire my no sew glue.

 We also got a brand new Sisal area rug for the family room...

Ralph Lauren at HomeSense.. go figure

Warmth! what a difference an area rug can make

Family Room is ALMOST complete

Family Room
Area Rug
Make Pillows
Fireplace Makeover
Lengthen Curtains and Hang higher
Photo Wall
Large artwork
update sofa covers

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  1. Your family room is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Came across your site looking for how to extend curtains. Thank you for this post!

    May I ask where you got your slip cover for your couch and chairs from?

    1. All slip covers are from Ikea, the sofas and chairs belong to the Ektorp line :)

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