Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Photo Wall

I love photos, I love taking photos (not very good ones as you may have noticed).  We have thousands of photos in albums and have spent hours printing, organizing and filing them. Clearly I love photos however, I am just NOT a fan of displaying photos in my home. Crazy right?

Now that Ive got two little munchkins of my own I am reminded of my own childhood and how there were always an abundance of photos throughout the house with a majority of them lining the hallways. I would stare at the photos of my family.  My brothers in crazy KISS costumes for Halloween, photos of me as a young Ukrainian dancer or flower girl, a variety of pics of my parents looking very cool and 70's stylish while visiting some random tourist attraction. There were also a ton of photos of relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins) I had met and some I didn't.

The older I get the more nostalgic I am about my childhood and I am now realizing what an impact those hundreds of photos in my parents home meant to me. I want my kids to also look up at old photos and be reminded of the good times and memories our family has and will create. I want to look back on a photo of my little guy with his chubby cheeks, bright blue eyes and blonde hair smiling back at me when I need to be reminded of how quickly he is growing and how I need to cherish every moment. As Emily grows her photos are increasingly more adorable, each photo seems so serious and proper. I think she will be quite amused by this when she gets older. I want my kids to have fun with photos and always be reminded of the past.

SOOOOOO the beginning of a family photo wall is calling. I'm still a bit shy and its baby steps for me, I didn't want to have too many photos up however this may change in the future. Here is the plain wall in our family room:

I purchased a variety of frames from a church sale, goodwill and a few from stores like walmart and ikea. I sprayed the frames in high gloss black and also white.

Some of the frames were purchased at a church sale, 3 for 50 cents!!

I wonder if there are spray paint support groups?

A number of the frames did not come with glass so I came up with these little numbers and I must say they are my favorite

old frame sprayed white, wooden S purchased for $2.50 at walmart and a sheet of scrapbook paper for the background
A tiny bit of twine glued to the back of the frame and a clothespin to hang a photo of my little angel

The photo wall also has a small wooden sunflower that looks awful but is special to us. It is the ONLY thing my husband and I have that survived an apartment fire we had many years ago. We lost everything we owned in that fire including photos, mementos, etc. We came back to the rubble pile a few weeks later and Ken spotted the little sunflower that use to hang on our patio. He jumped into the pile (completely heroic) and saved it. We have carried it with us ever since. Its covered in soot and ash and we have kept it that way. It symbolizes a memory of life before the fire and like the photos reminds us to cherish what we have and never take it for granted.


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  1. I love photo walls! Can't wait to start on my living room so I can create one.


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