Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kid Corner

Kids come with alot of toys and clutter!
Alex is 4 years old and like most kids he  has a huge collection of books. We have loads of books.  Books tucked away in cubbies, books in side table drawers, books under the bed and under cushions, in the car.. you get the idea. The house can easily be turned upside down when Alex is searching for a particular book. We came to the following conclusions:

1. Alex hates putting books back on the shelf once he pulls them
2. Alex needs to pull each book to see the cover
3. We needed a SOLUTION fast

We decided to select about 40 books that could be put on display in his room using Ikea picture shelves. The remaining books are still accessible however they are tucked away in our main bookshelf. We hope to rotate his books every few weeks. Here is his brand new shelf which has been working like a charm, he can look at his books straight on and now he just picks what he wants without making a mess.

We also have an abundance of craft and art projects which takeover the house each week..
Our daughter Emily enjoys looking at her big brothers masterpieces.

Our solution was to hang a string in his bedroom where he could use clothespins to proudly display his art. Once the line is full he has to select art to come down to make room for the new. If there is something he finds really cool we will take a photo of him holding his artwork before it goes into the garbage.

A simple and inexpensive way to display children's art

Like most kids, there is always something Alex WANTS.. a new toy or a special treat so we have introduced a chore sheet which consists of 36 boxes. Alex colors a box for every chore he completes and once the sheet is entirely colored Alex can trade it for a special item. Chores for our 4 year old include but are not limited to dusting, vacuuming, washing his toys, wiping down the table and chairs, cleaning up the shoes in our hall closet, etc. We have found the chore sheet to be quite successful in teaching him that he needs to work for what he wants, and it also helps with counting too!

Alex is also an early bird.. a very EARLY bird. We recently gave him his own digital clock. Although he is unable to tell time he is able to identify the number 7 and now knows not to get out of bed until it is at least 7AM. Its working!!!! Alex also thinks its pretty cool to have a big boy clock of his own.

why didn't we think of this months ago?

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