Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ruler Growth Chart

Ken and I had this great idea for a growth chart and soon realized that our idea had already been done.. (don't you hate it when that happens?) Pottery Barn Growth Chart
At just over $70 US we decided it would be simple enough to make on our own. With a bit of  research there were an abundance of tutorials but the most helpful was found at 517 creations

This project was simple enough and cost just a few dollars, here is our version:

Supply List
board (I used 1 X 1 X 6)
wood stain
permanent marker
numbers 1-6 printed on paper
picture hanging hardware

select a nice clean board

Apply one coat of a wood stain, I used Dark Walnut

As per stain directions let sit for 5-15 minutes. I let the stain sit for 5 minutes before using an old rag to wipe it off.

Once the stain has dried completely you are ready to measure out your lines

I used tape to hold a measuring tape to the board so it wouldn't move while I did my markings, this isn't necessary but I found it to be helpful.

I used a white pencil crayon to mark off the lines. I started the markings at 6" to account for the 6" above the ground which I would be hanging the ruler.

using a permanent marker and a ruler to create a straight line I began to make the "quarter" lines 2 inches long and the "eighth" lines 1 inch long.

Place your printed numbers appropriately (I used the Century font in a 200 point) Once the number is where you want it take a pencil and begin scratching the number and this will make a subtle indent on the wood

Use your permanent marker to color the numbers in

Apply at least 1 coat of polyurethane to seal the board

Add hardware to the back so you can hang it

I used Picture Hangers, next hang your ruler! Mine is 6" from the ground

final product!!

Kitchen / Dining

Cabinet Trim


spray current light fixture

find new Light Fixture

Refinish 70's Dinette

Growth Chart

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  1. I have stained my board, about ready to put on my vinyl decal, but I was unsure about using poly or not. Have you written on your board yet? Did a sharpie work over it? Did a tad of research via pinterest and couldn't get a clear answer either way, so just thought I would ask :)

  2. Hello
    I did not use vinyl decals for my board, just permanent marker. I applied poly and have marked heights for the kids ever since using a sharpie. Ive had no problems so far :)
    Good luck with your board and let me know how it turns out.


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