Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shine Baby Shine

I'm not sure when it happened exactly but our days have exploded. Even when I was working full time planning huge events I cant remember being this busy! Each day is bursting at the seams with entertaining kids, play dates, social  dates, cleaning, laundry, shopping, renos, sports, and everything else imaginable. With that said I admit that I have let go of alot of my obsessive cleaning habits and rituals however I didn't realize how much has been sliding lately until I took a close look at our ensuite shower door.
Our glass door had been taken over by SOAP SCUM. Its gross.. go ahead and judge but man its been busy around here.. scrubbing the shower for hours on end has not been on my priority list. Here she is in all her grime and glory:
OMG how did it get this bad?

I came across a recipe for a simple solution of vinegar and dish soap. CLICK HERE for the site which offered ingredients and instructions.

Basically all you do is combine 1 cup of heated vinegar with 1 cup of BLUE Dawn dish soap. For some reason the dish soap MUST be BLUE.
1 cup heated vinegar + one cup dawn soap

 add to a spray bottle and shake gently
I gave the shower a good spray and actually needed to cover my mouth and nose as the fumes were so intense. I cracked a window and let it sit for about 15 minutes
when i returned I wiped away the spray and it worked! zero scrubbing and my shower looks amazing

Another cleaning tip I recently found was for stainless steel appliances. Ive tried a number of store bought cleaners specifically for stainless cleaning but most of them left streaks or just didn't impress me.

What worked?
good old pledge!



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