Friday, June 1, 2012

Planting a garden

I have never planted a garden. I have however watched my parents especially my dad plant garden after garden each year since I was little. My fathers gardens were magical. It seemed like overnight he would have these lush rows of delicious goodness ready to be picked. Although Ive never been a huge vegetable fan,  even I couldn't ignore the beauty and smell of those gardens.  Friends and neighbors would always be given bags upon bags of vegetables from our garden as we certainly had more than we needed.

After my father passed away my mom continued to plant a smaller version of his garden and I was more than happy when she agreed to come over to help me and Alex plant our own little garden which we hope will consist of cucumbers, parsley, broccoli, green onions, romaine lettuce and some wild flowers.

We had a lovely morning together and I honestly felt like my dad was with us, giggling at our efforts and gleaming with pride as his only grandson Alexander (named after him) happily planted markers, raked the soil, dug holes, buried seeds, and watered.

How to plant a garden

Decide what you would like to grow in your garden, be aware of the amount of sunlight your seeds and bulbs will need

Clear your garden of weeds

Rake away large rocks and boulders while breaking up the earth and evening it out
Use twine or rope to mark off where your rows will be, this will not only keep your rows straight but will show you where your seeds are when watering. Use a hoe or shovel to create a small dip along your line and sprinkle seeds as directed on the package

If using bulbs, be sure to read package directions when digging your holes.
Cover your seeds and bulbs with soil. Water your rows lightly using mist or shower settings.

Sit back and wait for your garden to grow. Be sure to water daily and if possible collect rain water instead of using your hydro

replace fencing
plant trees
build playhouse
window boxes
plant a garden
plant flowers
hang patio lanterns
spray mailbox
update storm door

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