Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Behind Closed Doors

When planning our kitchen renovation we incorporated plenty of storage components to ensure that everything had a home
Lots and lots of storage in our new wall pantry

Sadly one of these units has become a huge mess, our new floor to ceiling junk drawer. Every time I open the door I shudder.. how does this happen?

And it doesn't end here.. we also have TONS of closets and one of them has become a "catch all" especially for crafting and project supplies. I wont even show you the third closet which Mr. Bliss has named his toolbox.

Even Alex has taken over the bottom shelf for his craft stuff.. and its not tidy either

Time to get organized!

We bought some plastic bins from the dollar store, threw random receipts no longer needed and also bought a cute little paper organizer from ikea..

Now we no longer fear the dreaded closet

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