Sunday, July 29, 2012

Decorations on a dime

Our wee ones are blessed to have such an amazing group of little friends. Its starting to feel like our kids have much more of a social life than we do! I'm now entering the realm of the weekend birthday party. It use to be the occasional event but I'm certain our kids are invited to at least one birthday party a month. I love parties! but I'm starting to enjoy being  a guest even more, especially with so much inspirational eye candy to see. I'm so impressed by some creative friends and family and clearly the birthday party decor has reached a whole new level. The best thing about these inspirations besides amazing impact is the low cost to make it happen. Here are some of my favorites from the last few months

Seamus turns 1

My friend Amber is a wonderful baker and for her sons first birthday she amazed guests with mini burgers, tasty cookies, cake pops disguised as these cool little mini ice creme cones covered in icing. YUMMY!

Rather than a cake for everyone, there was a table of sweets set up which had everything from gummy worms to incredible cupcakes. I really liked this idea (almost as much as Alex did) and I especially liked how she printed images of Seamus's face with a party hat and cut them out for an added special touch

 For an extra special touch there was a time capsule! Guests were encouraged to write something for the birthday boy which would be placed in a sealed capsule until he turned 18. So thoughtful!!

Zephan's Rainbow theme party

Sharmilla has great taste and everything she does looks like it was torn from a magazine. I love the decor and the bright colors she used for her sons birthday, the details are so simple but what impact!

Baby Girl Turns 1

Emily turned the Big 1 in March and we were still not quite unpacked or settled but we opted to have a party anyhow. I used really inexpensive materials such as crepe paper and loads of scrapbook paper.

Paper banners were placed throughout the house and it cost only a couple of dollars. The flags were made from scrapbook paper and simply stapled to a string. I thought they were so pretty that I couldn't bare to throw them away afterwards, they are now hanging in the playroom.

Paper chain links are another great way to add color without alot of money. I cut scrapbook sheets into strips and simply overlapped the edges and secured with a staple. I looped the next one to the first and so on. This was so simple that Alex (4 years old) assisted with cutting, looping and stapling.

I am a sucker for individual birthday cakes when baby turns one. This was simply a store bought cake mix with a very poor  simple icing job.. Just pretty enough to be smashed by the birthday girl.  I am not the best at making icing so a great tip is to purchase ready made icing from my local grocery store bakery. This saves so much time and is guaranteed to be tasty.

And lastly I created these giant tissue paper pom poms which hung from the ceiling throughout the entire house. They cost pennies to make and the tutorial can be found HERE on the Martha Stewart website. This photo was taken the next day and I thought they made the sweetest little props.

Hope you are feeling inspired for your next party and thanks for checking in




  1. Thanks for including me in this post! I had so much fun planning, and there are so many amazing ideas floating around the internet (especially pinterest), that I think the hardest part was choosing which ones to do.

  2. Sharmilla you continue to amaze me! thanks for allowing me to share your cool ideas with everyone :)


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