Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty Pig - lace stencil

We have been decluttering in preparation for a garage sale and I came across 2 Oilers piggy banks. Mr. Bliss and I had purchased this original ceramic bank but it was long forgotten after Alex received another Oilers piggy bank that played the Hockey Night in Canada song each time you fed a coin into it. Ive been drooling over some very cool furniture pieces which have been sprayed with a lace stencil and thought this might be a good project to try.


I sprayed little piggy with white spray paint, I also made a "Bwahahaha" sound as I did this. Those who know me well know I'm not a huge hockey fan.

Found these lace panties at the local Dollorama

Wrapped up little piggy slightly stretching the lace and tucking the excess material into the bottom to hold it

Sprayed little piggy with a coral color I had on hand

Carefully peel away the lace to reveal the pattern below

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