Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Penguins and bums.. oh me.. oh my

Busy summer and some much needed family time brought us to the Calgary Zoo this past weekend. It was a really nice get away and something we try to do each summer.
 The  rules -
1. I get to drive as much as I want to avoid being motion sick for the entire journey
2. Alex loves hotels with a swimming pool.. but even better a water slide
3. Non-stop coffee for Mr. Bliss
4. No demands for Emily just yet however she made it clear that she would rather bunk with mommy than hairy daddy.

Summer Lovin at the Zoo.. found myself a little monkey

Almost a 1 hour wait in 28 degree weather to see the new penguin plunge exhibit

Totally worth it!

Most families probably load up at the souvenir station, silly hats, lolly pops, junk toys.. Not us.. we headed to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Believe it or not this was at the request of Alex!
Let me explain..

Alex likes to watch "retro" cartoons on TV and after sitting down with him one day I was shocked at the amount of infomercials playing on this particular kids station. We haven't taught Alex to use the PVR remote yet so is not able to fast forward them.. (I'm starting to think we should teach him)

The BBB flyer came in the mail advertising one of his favorite infomerical products.. the TRENDY TOP. I am the queen of unsightly butt crack! It's true and slightly embarrassing. Every pair of pants I own will inch down somehow. I cant stand the feeling of a belt and I'm just not cool enough to bring back suspenders.

A few weeks ago Alex ran into the kitchen telling me that we needed to order Trendy Top. When we spotted it at BBB Alex insisted on buying it for me (with my credit card) and proudly told the cashier and everyone in ear shot how my butt and muffin top problems would be solved.

Could it be true? Could this solve my butt crack dilemma?

oooh ya! I could feel my cheeks and hips warming instantly with the new coverage. Alex then made me bend over and reach up high to ensure that trendy top really did solve all the problems demonstrated on the infomercial.
Oh Alex, I love that kid!
 Also browsing in BBB we discovered another gimmick.. and the suckers we are, lets just say it was  hook, line, and sinker

Slushy magic! turns any drink into a slush. I almost had to pick Alex's jaw off the floor

Basically these magic ice cubes will make any liquid turn to slush
A little bit of apple juice poured into the cup with magic cubes

Alex shook and shook some more. He had almost given up at the 30 second mark.. with 90 seconds more to go he begged me to take over
Voila! apple Slurpee (I cant wait to try this with margaritas)

All in a hard days work!

Enjoy your week and try and squeeze in some meaningful family time before the summer is over!!


  1. Wow! That slushy magic could be the answer to us not having to cart our gas generator and household blender to our powerless camping trip every summer!

    1. Helen
      i wish i had better news for you but i dont think you can ditch the gas generator just yet! the magic ice cubes still need to be frozen beforehand in order for them to work :(


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