Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer wrap up

Summer in our new home has been awesome!  This is the first time we have had our very own garden, apple tree and nice looking bedding plants. This summer has been filled with upkeep but its been fun. We didn't really get much crossed off the outdoor to do list but that's okay, the yard isn't going anywhere.
Alex is so proud of how his garden turned out and I must say that my 4 year old must have got the green thumb gene. Sadly it skipped right past me.
Here is the original garden he planted in the spring, you can read more HERE

With a little direction from granny he raked the soil,  planted and watered each seed and occasionally pulled a weed. I was impressed.

And this is what it looked like in July
Emily was caught eating dirt.. mmmmm

And just recently

We gave away plenty of raspberry bushes, probably about 20 and there are still tons!

This old tree has provided us with plenty of apples. Alex and Emily both pick them and eat them right off the tree each day. Surprisingly no diarrhea yet.. they eat that many! Mommy on the other hand has been picking up at least 10 apples off the ground everyday to keep wasps away

Speaking of wasps, isn't this the cutest catcher ever?!

just beneath our back windows

In the front of the house, it makes me want to rip out our lawn an grown nothing but flowers

This sweet little chair was gifted to me by my friend Heather before she moved away, I already have two in my collection and I seriously cant get enough. I love these planters

Did a little swap with my sister in law.. and now these beauties are mine. I think these will look nice along the brown fence

End of summer also brings clearance sales. I picked up this outdoor rug at walmart for only $20 and laid it out in the kitchen to have a better look at the design. I really like it in the kitchen so I guess its staying there for awhile. Since its an outdoor rug its been low maintenance yet nice on the feet.

The roller blind. Ugly as hell but a staple in our house. I cant believe it took until the end of summer to put these up. They do wonders keeping the sun an heat out of the room and in winter they keep the heat in. Purely functional

And lookie who finally got a RUFFLE shower curtain!! thanks to Alex forcing me to visit Bed, Bath an Beyond (read more HERE )I found this baby on clearance. Not necessarily the color scheme I was going for but it looks good.. and more importantly I found my ruffles.

You know what that means?
one more item checked off the list

light fixture
shower curtain
Have a wonderful day and thanks for following our adventure


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