Saturday, August 4, 2012

The writing is on the wall - chalkboard paint

When you were little did you pretend to play "school"? I loved playing school especially when it was my turn to be the teacher and write on the chalkboard. Imagine my delight when I came across this sweet recipe for chalkboard paint from the Martha Stewart website and it allows you to use any paint color you like!! Considering a tiny can of chalkboard paint from Rustoleum is about $22 I was eager to try it out.
1 cup paint
2 tbsp non-sanded tile grout

I decided to give it a go and finally have my very own giant chalkboard let the kids have a cool place to doodle and express themselves

Hallway wall BEFORE

Flat paint, non sanded grout and a sponge roller

Add the grout to the paint and stir..stir.. stir.. and stir some more. I started with 2 cups of paint and ran out. In total I used 3 cups of paint for a small wall.

Using a foam roller apply evenly to the wall

it looks pretty gross when on the wall, almost like spit balls mixed in with pancake batter. I used my finger to rub out each of those little balls (only because I didn't want to sand later)

The next day after the paint had dried the directions suggested sanding with a 150 grit paper however me and sanding are not friends so I skipped this step. Besides, I had rubbed out most of the little grout balls when i initially applied the paint. Now the wall needs to be conditioned by rubbing a piece of chalk over the whole thing

This part was messy

Next use a damp cloth to wipe away the chalk

Ready for drawing!

Even Emily got in on the action


This project was very easy and I was super excited to have a chalkboard wall. I must confess that after a few days we are beginning to rethink this wall. The board is messy! not just to look at but chalk dust is all over the place. Ive seen posts where people have done a board in their child's room and I cant fathom the mess and stains it would create in a carpeted room. We will have fun with the wall a bit longer while we decide if its a keeper. We can always paint over it!

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  1. Thanks so much for following back! As for the chalkboard wall, thank you so much! By that I mean that I was considering doing a wall like that for the inside of my pantry door, once my pantry is redone, and we actually have a door on it. Now, I'm starting to wonder...hmmm...

    1. Hi Sue
      Thanks for checking out my blog. Ive lived with the chalkboard wall for a few weeks now and its not too bad. It gets super messy when the kids play and I feel like im wiping up chalk dust for a day or two after that. Mind you they are little 4 and 1 so they use ALOT of chalk and probably press pretty hard making more dust. You should be fine in your pantry however I would suggest using only white or lighter colored chalks. The bright colors like green and red have made a much bigger mess than others.
      good luck and i hope to see it when you are done :)


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