Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Fireplace

I am so excited about our updated fireplace!! Awhile I go I posted about my attempt to white wash our red brick fireplace READ ABOUT IT HERE and the results are NOT what we expected. We went from one ugly to another. The white wash actually looks pretty decent in this picture but in person it was horrible. Very uneven and chalky, i think the black grout lines had a lot to do with the results. I tried adding more paint and concentrating on the bricks that were still reddish but it didn't help. We thought if we slept on it we would be fine with it in the morning.. nope.I woke up and felt more disappointed with it than the night before.  While the kids were in bed I tackled this baby.

Painting a red brick fireplace

I applied BEHR Painters White (the same as my wall color) eggshell finish using a roller brush. Silly me thought it might look nice to leave the black grout. Ummm NO, reminded me of a 70s basement

I promise he has clothing other than pyjamas

Voila.. such a difference, really lightens up the whole room and looks so much cleaner

You may have noticed ROBERTA (my deer head) is missing, unfortunately her clasp broke when we tried to hang her again. I'm hoping she will be fixed soon and back on the mantle where she belongs..

 So just to refresh your memory:

Fireplace Evolution

Family Room
Area Rug
Make Pillows
Fireplace Makeover
Lengthen Curtains and Hang higher
Photo Wall
Large artwork
update sofa covers
Another Room finished, insert happy dance here!!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Looks much better, you're right! Painting out that brass made a big difference. The power of paint...

  2. Looks fantastic! I didn't hate the white wash treatment but after seeing the new finished product I love it! :)

  3. Well, I thought the whitewash looked nice, but then seeing it just all painted up nice and white... it looks great! Your black frame pops and Roberta will look amazing once you get her back up!

  4. Hello! I found your blog while googling "whitewash brick fireplace." :) I actually clicked on your first post about the whitewash because I thought it looked awesome! Our brick fireplace is really dark (with nearly black grout...ugh) so I was excited to see how a similar fireplace looked after a whitewash. But now...I can't decide which I like better! The solid white looks great in your room, but I also really like the darker one. Decisions, decisions! In any event, I'm pretty sure this is a project I want to tackle asap!

    1. Hi Emily
      I know quite a few readers didnt mind the whitewash fireplace treatment and I do think the camera was kind in most of the shots. In person the fireplace just didnt feel right with the dark grout, it stood out so much and almost looked dirty. Once we painted the whole thing white it felt so much cleaner and bright. I would love to see pics of your fireplace once you tackle it!! thanks so much for following :)


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