Sunday, September 30, 2012

Styrofoam Hats

Far back in the pantry I found a few Styrofoam coffee cups which immediately reminded me of when I was a kid and made the coolest craft. ever.
Reuse old coffee cups for this project, just give them a quick rinse first :)

 Styrofoam Hats!

White Styrofoam cups
Markers (permanent works better)
Cookie sheet

Oven should be heated to 350 degrees, place cookie sheet and cups into the oven for approximately 15 seconds. Keep watch it happens fast!

Remove from oven as soon as the shape is to your liking, I left these a few seconds too long :(

The hats make a great toy, and an even better place setting!

Party time

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

$3 bench.. for realz

I need to vent. I'm finding my annoyance level increase with each visit to the store and with each cute item that pops up online with outrageous price tags. We currently have two childrens Ikea wooden chairs at our entrance so that the kiddos can sit down and put their shoes on without rolling around in the muck and grime of the entry way (okay its not that bad but humor me). Occasionally everyday you will find me and the Mr. also sitting in these tiny chairs to put on our shoes or holding Emily while we get her ready to go. Nothings says sexy like a grown man sitting in a baby chair.

Clearly we need a better solution so "bench for the entryway" went on the List
Easy peazy right? WRONG! I cannot believe the outrageous prices some companies want for a piece of wood with legs.. or if you want to be fancy you can have a piece of wood upholstered in a fabric my husband kids will wreck on day one. We are talking hundreds of dollars people! do you know how many freaking cans of spray paint and bags of goldfish crackers that could buy around here?

Off to pinterest I go, the new handbook for everything domestic.. if you haven't yet heard of pinterest you really need to climb out from under that rock. Anyhow, there are so many tutorials bragging about how these lovely little benches have been made  "low cost". I decide to attempt my own DIY and head to the local Home Depot to pick up some legs because if pinterest tells me to.. well you know. These legs are ridiculous, not cheap at all! the legs that would be long enough and thick enough for a decent bench were at least $15 each. Needing four of them that is $60 + cost for the rest of the materials I would need. This DIY was no longer sounding "low cost"

Anyhow the simple bench project was put on hold until a few weeks ago when we had our garage sale. We were sorting through things and deciding what should go and what should stay when Mr. Bliss pointed out my cute chairs that had seen better days and were falling apart. We decided they could go. Mr. Bliss had the brilliant idea of keeping the legs for our bench and so it began.

old beat up chairs, fell apart every time we lifted them

Removed the legs and all the parts including screws

The legs were a tad too tall, we cut them to be a foot long so the little ones could get up and down safely

A quick paint job with some leftover paint

Attach legs and voila! A new bench

Now this is a "low cost" DIY bench

Bench for seating
Wall treatment
paint door

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's FALL Y'all

WHEEEEEEEE I love autumn! I've had enough of the summer heat and I'm more than happy to snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a good book and wear a cozy sweater for those crisp walks. It feels early to start celebrating since we are still enjoying high temperatures, 26 degrees today! But the season is starting to slowly show itself indoors and out.

Autumn banner from superstore..

Only $4

This is some bad ass kindergarten art perfect for autumn

 I am so excited to have sweaters and vests hanging on the hooks

Fall walks in the river valley, I cant wait to see this path in a few more weeks when all the leaves have turned

Enjoy the beginning of autumn, bake something yummy, snuggle on the sofa and crunch the leaves on your walks.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

superhero hangout

If you have a little boy chances are you have been accumulating superheroes and random figurines. Alex is pretty serious about his action figures and had requested a display case with door and lock which he could hang in his room. He hoped to show off his treasures  without actually letting his friends touch them (good grief).

I am not Wonder Woman so the best I can do is a homemade display shelf. Using approximately 12 feet of the cheapest trim I could find at Home Depot.  We used a power saw to cut up the pieces and a nail gun to put it all together. With some cheap spray paint and hooks our little superhero has a new shelf in his room. Perhaps in the future I just might add that door and lock later (maybe) but this is great for now.



Alex has requested the shelf be blue
With a single white stripe

All ready to hang

A tip for hanging pictures

Finally a new lair

Big Boy Room

DIY bookshelf
toy and book organization
figurine display case

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

And the Silver goes to..

Have you ever walked into a store and spotted something that looked so simple to make yet the price tag was ridiculous? I've seen so many cute little figurines in silver and gold over the past year and decided to give some of the old plastic toy figurines a makeover. You can find small plastic animal figures at any toy or dollar store. My kids have tons of these which they never play with. With a quick spray of metallic paint I turned these cheap toys into a cute items which add a nice touch of bling to our bookshelf.

Cheap plastic toys being ignored by the kids, they were calling for some attention


One quick coat of spray and these guys were shining

The horse looks so much better here than lying in a pile of unused toys



What do you have in your home that you can makeover with a can of spray paint?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aloha! 5th birthday

Could September be any busier? After sending Alex off to kindergarten it was time to concentrate on his 5th birthday which happened the same week. Mr. Bliss has a giant family and Alex has a giant list of friends making a venue tricky. This year we opted to do 2 parties at home. Yes, we are crazy and Alex is super lucky.

We decided to go with a tropical theme for his "friends" party and I wish I had taken more pictures especially some of the little details. Here is what I found on my camera.. hope this inspires you for your next party

Picked up this cardboard cutout from the dollar store and used the photo as the invitation. The text above was added using PicMonkey 

Using a homemade stencil and a bit of flour we created an assortment of "fives" on the front lawn

The flour numbers looked alright but it needed some color.. I couldn't resist and brought out the spray paint.

Using 2 large u-haul boxes as the base and an old door covered in a plastic table cloth we created the perfect table for our little guests. Alex decorated the table top himself with a variety of seashells, leis, funky glasses and foil flowers.

Chips in a plastic sand bucket! I bought a few of these on clearance from Michael's craft store for just 39 cents each

Using leftover scrapbook paper, I rolled up these cute cones and filled with flavored popcorn. I also used the scrapbook paper to create a happy birthday banner which hung above (shown a few photos below)

What kid doesn't love an umbrella drink? I think we went through at least 60 of them

We purchased this bouncy house a few years ago on clearance and its been a great investment. The kids always enjoy the slide and climbing wall. We also had the limbo game, pass the coconut and a few classics like Simon says.

The fishing game was a hit! the magnetic rods and fish were bought for $2 a pack from Dollorama

The show stopper cake! Made by my sister in law

The volcano actually erupted a strawberry glaze and dried ice made a cool smoky effect

I think its safe to say the kiddos had a great time, Alex sure did!