Saturday, September 8, 2012

Look ma! Im in kindergarten

Our first week of September has been a whirlwind. My little baby is no longer a baby but officially a kindergarten student.

We dropped him off on his first day of full time kindergarten, he was brave and held back the tears. Mommy on the other hand burst into uncontrollable sobs the minute I left. I knew I would be sad but I had no idea how emotional this day would be. I wondered if he would be okay.  Was he sad? did someone help him with his lunch? Did he make any friends to play with at recess?

3PM could not come fast enough. I grabbed the wagon and Emily and raced to the school. I was certain he would be counting down just as I had been. The bell rang and I practically knocked down parents to get to my baby. He took one look at me and another at his baby sister in the wagon and said "Geez mom why did you bring the wagon in here?"

And so it begins...

I love his enthusiasm, Emily on the other hand looks pissed. I think she realizes her best pal will be gone during the day :(

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  1. Awe, this made me want to shed a tear! How cute, I think I will be the same way when Austin starts kindergarten, but that's a long ways from now!


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