Thursday, September 20, 2012

superhero hangout

If you have a little boy chances are you have been accumulating superheroes and random figurines. Alex is pretty serious about his action figures and had requested a display case with door and lock which he could hang in his room. He hoped to show off his treasures  without actually letting his friends touch them (good grief).

I am not Wonder Woman so the best I can do is a homemade display shelf. Using approximately 12 feet of the cheapest trim I could find at Home Depot.  We used a power saw to cut up the pieces and a nail gun to put it all together. With some cheap spray paint and hooks our little superhero has a new shelf in his room. Perhaps in the future I just might add that door and lock later (maybe) but this is great for now.



Alex has requested the shelf be blue
With a single white stripe

All ready to hang

A tip for hanging pictures

Finally a new lair

Big Boy Room

DIY bookshelf
toy and book organization
figurine display case

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