Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Basement Playroom

I love my kids. I DO NOT love how messy they are. Kids will be kids, yes its true but look at this disaster:

Mr. Bliss and I got sick and tired of cleaning up the playroom and eventually we threw our hands in the air and walked away. Unfortunately that was not the best idea.. the mess grew and we knew we had to clean it up and find a better way to organize the toys.

We definitely needed more storage options so when I came across these brackets at Ikea on clearance for only 30 cents I couldn't resist! especially since the bars they hook into were only $3

The next step was to find shelves and they can be EXPENSIVE. I opted for a sheet of good old plywood which ran about $8 and I had Home Depot cut it into 4 shelves at no extra cost.
Since this is a playroom I didn't want to leave the wooden shelves exposed, especially with little ones and the risk of slivers. I used an old table cloth to wrap one of the shelves and wall paper remnants for the others

The result although not fancy or elegant is still such an improvement!

cheap Ikea brackets and plywood shelving perfect for toy storage and the little ones have easy access

Clearly we have an unfinished basement and it will stay this way for a long time. In the meantime we wanted to make a fun space for the kids that didn't feel too dark and dingy and wouldn't cost us a whole lot. Here are some things we did:

1. Wallpaper samples are slowly becoming a patchwork wall covering. I think its one of those things that you love or hate but we feel it adds a bit of color to the area which is currently pink insulation. Each time I visit the store I grab a few more..
2.  Open shelving  is perfect for our youngest so she can easily see her toys and start exploring
3.  Bunting Banners from previous parties we have had now adorn the ceiling and add a pop of whimsy and color.
4.  Baskets, baskets and more baskets! Its amazing how much each of these baskets will hold. We placed less used toys up top. Labels are written on with chalk for now but we will also add a picture to each basket so the kids can identify the contents easily.
5. Open Bins are ideal for various items too small or random for their own large basket, also great for rushed clean up.
6. Unfinished basement means concrete floors. We placed leftover floor insulation on the ground and covered it with outdoor carpet. Keeps little feet and bums warm while playing.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Our basement may have hope after all.

  2. What type of plastic did you put on your walls before you added the wallpaper remnants?

    1. Hello,
      our basement is unfinished so there is a plastic sheet that holds the insulation in place. Im not sure what its called but it was up before we moved into the house.


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