Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bathroom Renovation is complete!

When we looked at this home for the first time the bathroom was definitely a no discussion situation. The bathroom original to the house was an 80s flashback (not in a cool way) and definitely was not going to work for us.

We ripped almost everything out and started fresh

New toilet and paint

Granite and marble flooring, new vanity with granite counter and the mirror once sat in our entry at the last house

We still have not found a new light that would suit the vintage vibe without causing alot of work.  The problem is that the base of the light would need to be quite long to conceal some holes in the wall otherwise lots of patching and painting will be needed. Luckily the existing light  has really grown on me and I think it suits the space, unless the perfect light comes along I don't have plans of changing it.

Still in love with the shaker door.. and lookie what my mama made me!!
A floor to ceiling ruffled shower curtain in white. This took hours for her to make using bedsheets! stunning isn't it?

I love our bathroom, just wish we wouldn't have been scared of getting a larger tub. With two little ones we thought there would be many years where more than once person would be in the space at a time so we didn't want to be tub greedy. Now that its all said and done we definitely had enough space to work with. Oh well.. its still a soaker and I'm a happy girl.

shower curtain


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