Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel

Lighting is such a small detail but it can make major impact in a space. The second home we purchased was a new build and the Mr. and I had to visit showroom after showroom selecting everything from flooring to cabinets to counters. We actually took more time selecting lighting for our home than every other selection (including paint) put together! You can have a beautiful room but your light fixtures can make it or break it every time.

There are not many opportunities to showcase lighting in our little bungalow and the dining area is the only common area to do this. Technically we have an "eat in" kitchen so a huge dramatic light was out of the question as it would interfere with sight lines to the family room and something too simple would be a lost opportunity.

Here is how our dining renovation unfolded

Original eating area on the day of walk through. Three major issues included the overhead cabinetry, horrid light fixture and the banister. How on earth we could figure out the perimeter of the dining area without it is beyond me.. haha

The light fixture began to grow on me through the reno and I thought we could update it a bit by spray painting it black. It was definitely a temporary fix until we could find a better light.

We also found a table and chair set on  kijiji which we refinished and reupholstered  (read more HERE and HERE) The old table and chairs worked but the table was very large and very beat up. Although it was great for entertaining we found that we only used half the table. We wanted something smaller so the space would be less crowded. Our new table also has 2 leaves so we can make it larger when guests are over.


And finally the new light!


Purchased at Home Depot (I'm still surprised at this as we visited many lighting stores in the city)
New flooring and the removal of the banister makes the space flow nicely

Bye bye overhead cabinetry, you are not missed.

A little bit of trim along the peninsula goes a long way

We are loving the new space and this final check makes this area done like dinner.
spray current light fixture
find new Light Fixture
Refinish 70's Table
Refinish and reupholster chairs
Growth Chart

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