Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ruffle Curtain from Bedsheets

I am still in awe of my beautiful ruffle shower curtain made by my mama. I have no sewing ability whatsoever and to finally have a white ruffle curtain that is floor to ceiling in length is AWESOME. The curtain was less than $25 to make so of course I had to share this awesomeness with you. Here is our very first GUEST post from my mom Ramona

How to make a ruffle curtain from bedsheets

Materials for an extra long ruffle curtain
1 double flat sheet
1 king flat sheet
1 queen flat sheet

Step One:

Wash sheets in hot water and dry on high heat, this way if they are going to shrink it will happen before you sew them. Iron sheets if needed.

Step Two:

Cut out a total of 16 strips from the length of the Queen and King flat sheets.
Don't worry about the length of the queen being shorter than the King the difference should be minimal.

3 strips 9 inches wide
10 strips 8 inches wide
3 strips 7 inches wide

Step Four:

The double sheet was used as the actual curtain. Opening the ends at the top of the 4" will allow you to slide the your curtain rod throughout it or if you are really handy you could sew button holes on the hem.

Step Five:

For each of the cut strips use an iron to press a hem around the sides and bottom, I found this made it much easier to sew. I then sewed them all and zig zagged the top of each strip twice.

Do a loose and wide stitch about a quarter of a inch down from the zig zagging stitch, once this is completed, gently tug on the back tread and bunch together your ruffle.
Repeat for all 16 ruffles.


Step Six:

Measure from the bottom 9" for your first ruffle. Make this ruffle tighter or looser to fit the width of the double sheet, pin on ruffle, then sew.
The next two - 9" ruffles I measured 7" from the top of the last ruffle and added the ruffles.

For the 8" ruffles I measured 6" from the top of the last ruffle and kept on adding until they were all sewn on.

For the 7" I measured 5" from the top of the last ruffle.


Step Seven:

Once all the ruffles are sewn, stitch the sides of the opening on the double sheet by hand.

It looked like a huge wedding dress towards the end, swear I would never do it again, but here I am making curtains only a lot shorter for the guest room!

HINT: Make sure you use good quality thread, if you use the cheap thread it will break when pulling the bottom thread of the ruffles.


Thanks mom! xoxox


  1. pretty! I love this.
    I want a new shower curtain...this is something I could do. I've been buying up vintage sheets. This would be perfect for them!

    Pat,via FNF

  2. These look fantastic, brilliant job you've done with them. New follower here :)

  3. I love ruffles--they make everything prettier! You did a great job on these:)

  4. Your curtain is very cute. I love how full it looks. Thank you as well for the great tutorial.


  5. Hi Amanda. You did a great job on this project. Your curtain looks adorable. Thanks so much for sharing at my par-tay!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

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  7. Hi, Amanda
    I just love your way to make a ruffle curtains from flat bed sheets. Your ruffle curtain looks very beautiful and gives the fantastic look to washroom.
    Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

  8. Sure missing your blogs, check every once in a while to see if your back on here.


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