Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the end of another canadian retailer

 Zellers is one of my favorite Canadian stores with amazing prices and oddly enough childhood memories. I remember many midnight madness events in which my parents and aunt would head down for "blowout" deals and midnight balloon drops where some balloons held a ticket for special prizes. Although I never won a special prize I'm pretty certain Zellers at midnight was the perfect hide and go seek playing ground and the parents loved the super cheap dinner in the cafeteria. I'm saddened to see another Canadian retailer bite the dust especially one that I grew up with. I thought with new lines like Alfred Sung and Martha Stewart the retailer got better. Sadly Zellers stores are clearing our to make way for the American giant Target.
I have only been to Target once and it reminded me very much of Zellers but I wasn't thrilled until I got to the home section. I must admit that I am very excited for Targets home line. The beautiful lamps, trays, frames, ottomans and vases were super cool and very reasonable in price. If Canadian Targets end up getting any of those items I will most likely be a regular and most likely broke.
Here are some items from Target that have been making me drool and curse since they do not ship to Canada.



Target stores will be opening in Edmonton this winter and spring, will you be a fan?


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