Sunday, November 18, 2012

I want a forest in my hallway

Have you ever spotted something and thought immediately you just had to have it? I'm usually NOT that person at all whatsoever. I'm the one who "likes" something and works up the nerve to buy it after waffling for ages and ages. I usually get said item home and decide on the following:
1. I hate it
2. I paid way too much for this (usually regular price)
3. This is not going to work
4. I like it!.. and a few weeks later not so much

It is a rare occasion when I love something, get a great deal and keep it. Needless to say I have a returns addiction. Yup, I'm THAT GIRL. I'm sorry. So why am I divulging this not so secret secret to you? Because one of those rare occasions happened where I spotted something and LOVED it. And guess what, I spotted it a few years back and still haven't changed my mind. There are a number of versions out there but this one is one of the more reasonably priced (sorry i just spit tea on the computer as I typed reasonably)

WOODS WALLPAPER from Anthropologie

 I'm certain I would need at least 2 rolls for my entry hall and that is not going to happen. Even if I had an extra $400 lying around I could think of many other things to spend it on. Besides, I would have to order it online and that makes returning it a bit of a hassle.

I didn't want to leave the hall so bare and boring and I know I love the forest look so I did a bit of google searching and found some images that suggested I could actually put trees on the wall all by myself. Imagine that.
Of course it could never look like the wallpaper but I think the same idea for only $30 suits me just fine.

1 roll of FROG tape (much better than regular painters tape) $9.99
1 can of Martha Stewart Concrete Grey which was an "oops" $15
1 exacto knife $5

and I love it..

How to create a painted birch tree wall

Using your painter tape outline where you would like your trees and branches

Use your exacto knife to cut along the outside of each piece of tape, this will ensure your trees are not perfectly straight and look a little more realistic

Paint your wall, I used 2 coats and remove the tape carefully

Add details to the branches

Don't go overboard on the details, I got a little crazy and ended up wiping away a few lines


  1. Amanda that is so adorable! I too am in love with that wallpaper, but I also can't justify spending $400 on wall paper. Your version is so much cooler because you can't get it anywhere else!

  2. I Love this! I think that you have inspired me maybe to try to fig. out how to do bamboo...... that will be a challenge.

    ( Do you have plans for your closet doors? If not, may I suggest that you change the handle hardware :) )

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  4. This is so cool. Love it way more than the uber expensive paper! It really looks like a birch forest :)

    1. thank you so much! The savings alone makes me love it more than the wallpaper

  5. Love this! I have maybe a weird question....but when you use the exacto knife to cut the painter's tape, does it cut into the wall? Or is it easy enough to cut the tape without cutting into the wall? Thanks!

    1. Not a weird question at all! Honestly the first two strips I used the exact knife on I did press too hard and felt the knife cutting into the wall. I applied LESS pressure after that and barely cut the painters tape however it was enough pressure to make a good tear when I pulled off the tape. Hope this helps and good luck!


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