Saturday, December 29, 2012

A look back - favorite posts

With the New Year upon us I felt it only appropriate to switch up the look of the blog and I'm sure there will be a few other looks to come throughout the next few months. As a newbie blogger this year has been filled with lots of learning. It has been a challenge to figure out how to actually create a blog, make a post, add a photo, and pretty much anything else having to do with blogging.

I have really enjoyed making Creating Domestic Bliss  and I honestly never thought anyone would actually read it (other than my mom and a few friends) let alone follow and come back each week to see whats happening on our side of the fence. The blog was officially public 8 months ago and I am so excited to see that we have had over 31,000 visits (that's nearly 4000 a month!). I have enjoyed your comments and support. For those who have emailed me pictures of your projects words cannot begin to express how cool it is that you were inspired by something we did in our own home.
We still have so many more projects ahead and hope you will continue to share in our renovation / decoration / family journey. Thank you so much for visiting each week and we look forward to sharing more of our journey with you in 2013!


Some of our favorite posts from 2012


Rockin the Paper Medallion


Plywood Art

   Ruler Growth Chart

Toilet Paper Art

This was a reader favorite with the most hits of all time!

Mailbox Makeover

Refinished Table


Dining Chair Makeover


Pallet Art


Fireplace Makeover


Birch Tree hall


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas


Wishing you the very best from our family to yours

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2012


You may have noticed that I have started to reduce posts to once a week,  between the little ones, getting ready for Christmas and fighting flu's my time has been stretched thin. I also had a number of requests to create some wooden growth charts which I featured in this past post  and I feel a bit like Santa's elf in a basement workshop. I hope you continue to follow my posts and if you haven't done so already you should definitely sign up for automatic email updates by entering your email address into the cute little box on your right.

At the time of this post I still have just a few left so if you are                   
interested in purchasing one feel free to message me (sorry shipping not available)

Its been a bit of a shocker that the big 25 is just a few days away and I haven't created a single Christmas craft.. not a single one. I was inspired by the discarded wood cuts from the growth charts and so I put together this cute little sign just in time


How to create a Joy sign


1. I used scrap wood approximately 2ft in width
2. I painted the board with a  Martha Stewart sample which I scored months ago for just 50 cents
3. Using FREE letter templates found HERE I placed the printouts onto the dry paint and used a tool to apply just enough pressure to make an imprint on the wood
4. Using another paint sample in white I simply filled in the traced letter
Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to leave cookies out for the big guy

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Heal the broken hearted

The holidays and all the magic that goes along with it is more than enough of an excuse to sit back, relax, drink hot chocolate by the fire and just be thankful.
I am feeling extremely thankful this week for the love and blessings surrounding me.
My heart has been heavy since the horrific news of the shootings in Newtown. As a parent I think my reaction is more intense than it might have been before having kids. Ultimately my heart breaks and tears well in my eyes each time I think of how those parents would not be tucking their wee ones in again or watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning.
That evening my husband and I went to my son’s very first school Christmas concert. I was so proud of my little "kindergartner" with his little star on his chest and again felt so thankful to have the opportunity to watch my little angel grow bigger and more independent with each passing day. I’ve definitely been hugging my babies a whole lot this weekend and maybe even a little too tight. Alex is starting to question my random hug attacks.

I hope that you can still find magic and warmth in the holidays, and if you haven’t done so already please say a little prayer for all of the families and friends who are suffering.

God Bless and heal the broken hearted.



Saturday, December 8, 2012

Canvas Art by Living Prints

To celebrate my moms new kitchen I wanted to give her something special which would fill the dead space above her kitchen window. I had hoped to create something cool and rustic using barn board. This was my inspiration found on pinterest:

Then reality hit.. I don't have time to do this right now with Christmas just around the corner, its freezing cold,  I live in the city and have no idea where I would even find barn board let alone the right color of board. So that idea was pretty much shut down instantly but I wasn't going to give up completely.

I enlisted the help of  LIVING PRINTS  which is a sponsor of this blog and a local home business specializing in custom-designed prints.
Whether you have a very specific project idea or just a loose concept, Living Prints can work with you to create a truly custom piece.  Designs usually involve photos, text and/or effects combined to create something special. Products include, gloss/matte/metallic photo prints, canvas, collages, framing, cards, albums, and slide shows.
I sent in the above photo with measurements of the space, colour preferences and a list of my likes and dislikes. Together we came up with a few ideas and ended up with this sweet little number, check it out! A series of three 8”x8” canvases that mimic the effect of my original idea.

I love the products Living Images has been creating for clients and I knew they would be able to customize art for my mamas new kitchen. The wrapped canvas pieces look awesome above my moms window and she is thrilled with them. With the holiday season around the corner most of us are looking for that special gift, I highly recommend checking out Living Prints for some great ideas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I love a good kitchen reno!

It was nearly 20 years ago when my parents bought the house I spent my teenage years in. Both of my parents tackled many DIY projects throughout the years and little by little they improved on what they had.  The kitchen was treated to painted cabinets, laminate flooring, a new pantry cabinet and a new counter overlay. Even with the improvements the kitchen was still tired and dated. My mom had been dreaming of a new kitchen for years and finally took the leap. I was thrilled for her and of course had to share this awesome makeover with you

After some careful planning and lidingo cabinetry and fintorp handles from IKEA my mom not only has a beautiful new kitchen but for the first time ever a dishwasher!

Beautiful back splash with a mix of glass and marble definitely set the tone for this space. I did have to add my own little touch by updating the not so lovely plastic planter sitting on the counter :)

Congrats Mom we are looking forward to many meals at your house!!! xoxox

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Somebody opened a can of Christmas

This weekend we finally got our tree and decorated. I learned a few things this year now that I have two very interested and active kidlets underfoot, I hope I remember all of these wonderful tips next year:

  1. Its okay to buy two trees, the kids will have fun decorating their own and I will not be a decorating dictator. 
  2. I grew up with fake trees, Mr. Bliss insisted on real trees many years ago and we haven't looked back since. Well I haven't looked back. Mr. Bliss is tired of putting on lights and complains each year. Its quite possible we will be doing a prelit fake tree next year to save us all from the whining. 
  3. We have too many decorations. Color pallets of red, green, white, silver, gold, bronze, glitzy, natural, the list goes on. Its very difficult to decide which route to go when you pop open those tupperwares and need to make a decision NOW as little fingers are tearing their way through glass ornaments to start decorating the tree. I may need to consider packing by color next year.
  4. Wine (need I say more?)
  5. Play Christmas music and own it. Even if your 5 year old rolls his eyes and your husband shakes his head.. don't pay any attention to the scrooges. Rock it out sista (or brotha)

Here is a little taste of Christmas at our house..

Thanks for stopping by and if you have decorated your tree please send me a picture!!