Sunday, December 16, 2012

Heal the broken hearted

The holidays and all the magic that goes along with it is more than enough of an excuse to sit back, relax, drink hot chocolate by the fire and just be thankful.
I am feeling extremely thankful this week for the love and blessings surrounding me.
My heart has been heavy since the horrific news of the shootings in Newtown. As a parent I think my reaction is more intense than it might have been before having kids. Ultimately my heart breaks and tears well in my eyes each time I think of how those parents would not be tucking their wee ones in again or watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning.
That evening my husband and I went to my son’s very first school Christmas concert. I was so proud of my little "kindergartner" with his little star on his chest and again felt so thankful to have the opportunity to watch my little angel grow bigger and more independent with each passing day. I’ve definitely been hugging my babies a whole lot this weekend and maybe even a little too tight. Alex is starting to question my random hug attacks.

I hope that you can still find magic and warmth in the holidays, and if you haven’t done so already please say a little prayer for all of the families and friends who are suffering.

God Bless and heal the broken hearted.



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