Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Breath of fresh air

The first sign of the weather warming up (a few degrees) and it feels like spring. Well not really but a girl can dream about the end of winter coming sooner than later right? Once Xmas decorations are packed away and the tree is hauled out it always feels bare and lacking. The front room was definitely in a slump although we did have a sad attempt to update things (look back HERE)  But alas, we scored some super cheap curtains at the Rona clearance bin and that was all the motivation needed to actually add something to the Ribba frames we've had hanging for awhile now. We were actually getting use to the blank frames and that was our first sign of needing to get a move on it.
We had no intentions of using gold / yellow in this room since its already one of the colors we chose for our family room however its refreshing and $20 curtains can be very tempting.  I think we will hold off on bringing the other half of the Ikea Karlstad sectional back into the room for a while. So far we are not missing the extra seating and the kids like sitting at the table to play lego and look at books.

Hello Freshness..

I think we are getting closer!


  1. Loving the colour those curtains bring. I love your coffee table! Where is it from?

  2. Thank you! I purchased the curtains at Rona on clearance the blue round coffee table was a clearance item from HomeSense


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