Sunday, January 6, 2013

Candlelit path made from balloons

Over the holidays me and the little guy decided we needed to ensure Santa would find our house. Alex sprinkled a mixture of seed and glitter along our walkway for the reindeer and together we created a glowing walkway for Santa. Christmas is done and over with but I think the Candlelit path was really beautiful and would be a wonderful way to greet guests for a party during the winter months. This project was so simple and lots of fun for the kiddo.

To create our path we made sweet little ice bowls using water balloons.

We began by filling regular balloons with water

and added a few drops of food coloring to each filled balloon. Unfortunately the only thing that turned out colored was our hands

We set the balloons outside to freeze


We let the balloons sit outside for the day and when they felt solid we removed the balloon from the frozen ice inside. Each balloon created a cute little ice bowl. We then added a tea light


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  1. Funny you just posted your frozen balloon as I bought some balloons today at the Dollar store to try out that "Pinterest Pin".
    Did any of them freeze solid?

  2. hey anonymous
    I actually have no idea how to make a frozen sphere from balloons although Ive seen the pin you are referring too. I would think because of the the air in the balloon you would be able to make a bowl (but what do i know!?) Email me a photo if you are able to make a solid sphere.. i think that would be very cool!


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