Saturday, January 19, 2013

Living with white

I heart white.
White is fresh and clean and goes with everything. Whether you are looking for something modern, country, or vintage it seems you cant go wrong with white. As I look back on magazine clippings Ive kept over the years of inspirational rooms or pictures its seems most of them have this light and airy feeling consisting mainly of white.

A few years ago I posted some pics of white furniture and rooms on a Facebook album I kept. A few friends made comments about how they loved white too but it was unrealistic. One friend was chuckling at my ignorance as she wrote how I would "know" once I had my own kids. Well its been over 5 years and 2 kids later.. I've had white accessories, white cabinets and gasp white chairs. Most recently we even added a creme rug. Of course they get dirty but oddly enough its usually from adults. Let me be clear, we don't encourage our kids to grab grape juice and other super staining foods and tell them to roam and eat wherever they may. We generally stick to eating at the kitchen table and the kids always rinse off their hands after a meal.  Overall, I think white can be done in most households.. kids or not.

When we furnished our family room we opted to go with the white Ikea Ektorp chairs because of the scale and of course you cant beat a sale (at the time of purchase it was buy one get one half off). How can we live with white when we have young kids? we just do.
Most recently our chairs have had stains of fireplace soot, chocolate, coffee, marker, and what appeared to be some sort of oil mark or just really old dirt. Perhaps one day our covers will become toast and have to be replaced.. or I will just dye them as I did with the love seat cover (look here)

The Solution

Basically all I use is Oxi Clean. Following the product directions I spray the stains generously and rub. I let the cleaner sit on the fabric for about 10 minutes before throwing it in the laundry on warm water (I haven't braved hot water yet due to shrinking fears)
I have heard of others who also purchase another type of oxiclean specifically for the pres wash cycle. Another tip is to use a q-tip soaked in bleach for really aggressive stains.

Did I mention I heart white?

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