Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Made with Love

My grandmother was one of my best friends growing up.
As a young girl I spent a majority of my weekends sleeping over at grandmas (by choice) and during our visits she introduced me to many of her great loves: book stores, romance novels, oil painting, movies, card games and terrible jokes. My grandma was also an avid sewer and knitter, she attempted to teach me these skills but I never quite caught on. Before my grandma passed away, she made me a beautiful blanket for me to keep for my first born. The blanket was carefully packed away and years later brought with me to my very first apartment shared with Mr. Bliss. As some of you know that apartment had burned to the ground and we lost everything we owned including that very special and sentimental blanket.

Just recently my mom gave me this blanket
Mom had inherited a few knit squares my grandma had made (she must have had them stored away for 15 years or so). Mom took those squares and finished grandmas project, creating this new blanket for me. My mama isn't too keen on the colors of the blanket but I think this is one of the most beautiful blankets I've ever seen. Two of the most amazing women in my life had a hand in creating this special blanket just for me. Ive decided to pass it along to my daughter and you never know..
maybe one day she will pass it on to hers.
Thank you grandma and mom for this treasure

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