Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Romantic Wedding

This year Mr. Bliss and I will celebrate 18 years together. Really we were kids when we had met, I had only heard about couples in the "olden days" who met as young teenagers, fell in love, married and began a family. Sometimes in this world of divorce and couples choosing not to marry at all I applause the few couples who are lucky enough to make it to a 50th + wedding anniversary.  Those couples really really have gone through it all and lived to tell the tale...together.

One of the greatest couples of all time was my great uncle Jack and my aunt Doris. They grew old and grey together and rarely could be found without the other. Even as a little girl I could see how much they adored and loved one another.. the way she held his hand and how he smiled at her in a way that was only for her. Years later uncle Jack became quite ill and was admitted to the hospital. My mom and I went to visit and just before we were going to leave he asked for his comb.  He needed to "get ready and get handsome" because aunt Doris would be up to visit shortly. This is something I will never forget, the love they shared and how no matter what the circumstance was they always respected and cared for each other, never shy to share their love and clearly they never stopped dating.

Mr. Bliss and I have been married since 2006 and although it seems like yesterday when I walked down the aisle I would be happy to marry him all over again, I know that we are the lucky ones.  Recently I have been helping a bride find her way through the wonderful world of wedding planning. Looking online for inspiration its amazing how different weddings are even in the short time since we were married.

Ahhhh if I could go back in time and do it all over again

I would wear something like this

Or perhaps this

I would carry a beautiful bouquet

And meet my beloved just before sunset at a place like this

We would have a very intimate and casual gathering of friends and family somewhere like this

Bliss and I would have a simple sweetheart table

With a touch of simple handmade decorations

We would dance under the stars

and end the night with a show in the sky

All images are from Pinterest

Hmmmm.. now to win the lotto and convince Bliss to do a vow renewal

Enjoy your day xo

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