Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When kids happen to your stuff

Its been 14 months since we moved into our little bungalow.
Although progress has been slow lately we are pretty proud of all the work that we have accomplished in such little time.
Lately we have been spending more of our days "living" in our home rather than fixing it, and all this laziness leisure time has allowed us to realize that our sweet baby girl can really
 F#CK! Sh!t up around here
She looks innocent but she has a wild side too

She somehow flipped the chair and broke the cane on the back. It cant be repaired so I'm on the hunt for new chairs to makeover 

One spoon, a  determined baby girl and a matter of seconds. This one kind of stung  click here to read how I refinished this table


At the end of the day its all just stuff! We knew things would be ruined eventually.
Besides, who could possibly be upset with someone this cute?
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
xo Amanda


  1. What alittle monkey, have fun with all the repairs.

  2. Oh haha! I'm so sorry. She is a cute, though. You just can't get mad at a face like that

  3. Hey, if you really love those chairs, you can buy a sheet of caning and repair it yourself or have a expert do it.

    1. I do love the chairs :) I just have no clue how to repair them. Ive done a ton of google searches but havent come up with anything that seems "doable". I never thought of hiring someone (hhaha) I guess it doesnt hurt to get a quote :)

    2. LOL I hear yah! I was searching for searching for the wrap (for lack of a better word) to fix an old bamboo hanging chair that I inherited, and I know that I saw sheets of bamboo caning. I ended up buying the 'wrap' from a woman in Peterborough,ON. Here is a link


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