Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dresser love

Last year when our television broke we replaced it with a slightly larger set which turned out to be way too big for our flimsy stand.  I held my breath each time we moved it or pulled it away from the wall in fear that it would collapse.
I have been searching FOREVER for a vintage looking dresser which might replace the old stand.
Finally we scored this solid wood dresser for only $40 from a family friend

 I had envisioned a future project when I first saw a picture of the dresser, however now that its sitting in our living room we kind of like it just as it is. Even after a good scrub we noticed that the drawers had a bit of an odour, our solution? Good old car fresheners!!

mmmmm berrylicious

 Unfortunately our cool retro dresser is still a bit too small for the space and our television. Nine drawers would be perfect so our hunt isn't over quite yet. Once we do find the right dresser, this bad boy will be destined for Alex's room and we might be tempted to change it up then.
These dresser pictures are giving me some major inspiration




                     I especially love the last inspiration pic, 
a masculine ombre finish would be perfect for any little boys room.

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