Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest Post!

I thought it was pretty cool when we were approached by a blogger in Australia when she asked to feature our family room HERE and I'm equally thrilled that we have followers in the UK and one reader in particular who has offered to do a guest post for us today!

Helen Davies broke straight into the design industry straight from college and is now regularly published in a range of magazines and websites in both the UK and US.
Inspired by designs and designers who seek to balance form and function Helen is always on the lookout for new ideas and a creative approach to interior design.
 Helen lives in the Northwest of England with her husband and children.

Stencil your way to a personalised bathroom

Maybe you don’t have room in your bathroom for cabinets, but you’ve got a lot of counter space. Some bathroom suites are like that: they don’t really allow a lot of room for cupboards, but have plenty surface space.

So you think you’ll add some freestanding storage (boxes, to you and me), but all the nice ones are too big or too small. The really perfectly sized ones, the ones that would fit just so on your countertop, are boring, brown cubes of dullness. It’s a poser: do you go for the cool ones that are the wrong size, or do you get the ones that will hold your stuff without intruding on your space - but that are so dull you want to fall asleep just looking at them?

Well, I would say there’s nothing worse than storage that is inadequate for its purpose, and I would get the dull ones. But in my home, they wouldn’t stay dull for long. See, I’ve embraced stencilling.

You can buy ready made stencils or, if you’re feeling really creative and have a clear idea of what you want, you can make your own. Then you just need paint, a brush (not too big!), some old clothes, and some time. The only limit here is your imagination - and even if you’re totally, totally unimaginative (and I’m sure you’re not), you can still do a quick image search on the net and find something pretty to copy. The beauty of stencilling (after how cheap it is, and how great it can look) is that if you don’t like the result when you’re done, you can paint over the top and start again.


Don’t stop at decorating your bathroom storage either - stencilling looks fab on walls, and a painted, stencilled wall can be a wonderful alternative to expensive wallpaper. This is a fun, creative way to revive your bathroom decor without damaging your bank balance

all images from Houzz


Helen Davies is also a content writer for Better Bathrooms

Thank you Helen and have a great week everyone



  1. What brilliant, beautiful, eye-catching, unusual and great value ideas! I'm going to copy pretty much all of them. Especially like the idea of the stencilled baskets, it will make them look much more bespoke.

  2. Thanks for posting Amanda, I am so pleased some of your readers enjoyed the post :) Xx


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