Friday, February 8, 2013

Coolest Valentine Evah

With Valentines Day soon approaching Alex and I explored some Valentine card ideas and not only did he choose this very cool photo idea but he also made the decorations, decided on the chocolate lollies and gave me a ton of laughs as he took control of our at home photo shoot. Did I mention how much I love this little guy!?  We are super hyped about the homemade Valentines he will be giving to his classmates next week

Here is how we made the coolest Valentine EVAH

Alex traced and cut hearts from red poster board and decorated each heart with glitter glue. I then attached each decorated heart to a paper doily
We purchased a few shiny hearts and cupids from the dollar store and hung the doily hearts from a clothesline in the corner of the living room to create our backdrop
We had so much fun taking pictures. It was definitely one of those moments where I was reminded that my baby is growing up.. FAST
We chose a pose and used PIC MONKEY to add the Valentine message and "from Alex" text to one of our hearts. I had the 4X6 pics developed and made a small slit above and below Alex's hand to accommodate the chocolate hearts on a stick made by his Grandma (thanks mom)
I HEART homemade Valentines and cards xoxo
I know his classmates will enjoy them too
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