Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY cabinet moulding

It finally happened
We have cabinet trim!
I am so impressed with Mr. Bliss, it took a long long time but he finally did it. Have I mentioned he has no prior experience with home renovation projects and has done all of these jobs completely self taught!? (insert slow clap here)
We chose an Ikea kitchen, the Akurum Adel cabinets to be specific and we really didn't like the options available for trim. We decided to put in the cabinets and add our own trim later. This proved to be quite a challenge as the ceilings are not exactly straight and attaching the trim and color matching it was a bit interesting too
I think it looks AWESOME

The cabinets were great but the trim issue had stuck out like a sore thumb

We purchased crown moulding from the hardware store and decided that nailing a narrow board to the top of the cabinets would be a creative way to attach the moulding. We could not attach the moulding directly to the cabinets because the doors would be in the way so it needed to be recessed slightly (its meant to attach to the ceiling and the wall)

Once the boards were up we needed to fill the cracks with putty and when it dried we sanded it so it would be smooth.  Finding a match was challenging but after some trial and error we found that Benjamin Moores Paper Mache was a really close match

Cabinet trim
Another check on the list..
Enjoy your week, I will be here enjoying my fancy new trim

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