Monday, March 11, 2013

How to remove crayon from surfaces

Oh how I adore my little one, especially when she gave me a nice break the other day by pulling her wee play chair up to the coffee table and proceeded to take out her favorite Dora and Hello Kitty coloring books. We normally don't color in the living room, its an activity reserved for the kitchen table or play table but this mama was not going to stop her. I will take a moment of quiet relax time anyway I can get it, besides she looked adorable.
Too late I realized she had decided the table would be a better canvas...

I stood there wondering how I let this happen, and how the hell would I get it off my old round table which I adore? I reached for the magic eraser but wondered if there was a natural way to remove it instead. I consulted pinterest and the majority ruled.. I only needed one ingredient - Baking Soda

It worked!
First I wiped the table down with soapy water and then sprinkled baking soda on all the crayon spots. Using a wet cloth I rubbed the crayon marks out quite easily.

Gotta love baking soda!
I think we will stick to coloring at the kitchen table
xo Amanda


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