Monday, April 29, 2013

Watercolor, Glue and Salt

Craft time!
This week we attempted to try out a pinterest idea involving watercolors, glue and salt. Sadly our experiment didn't turn out (not even close) and I suspect I didn't use the proper materials
our kids love doing crafts and they feel very important when they use special grown up materials like real canvas ($2 from the dollar store) and proper art brushes, so it was still worthwhile
Its difficult to tell from the photos but the art is slightly textured thanks to the salt and glue.
We began by using watercolors on canvas
Clearly this was serious business
Once the canvas was covered Alex went to town adding clear glue
Next a sprinkling of salt
Let it dry and instant art!

Friday, April 19, 2013

5 year old designer

Alex: "Mom I just cant take it anymore"
Me: "What? cant take what anymore? what's wrong?"
Alex: "These popcorn ceilings, they are just awful, I want them gone from my room"
Me: (jaw drops)...............................?..................!.......................WTF.
True story.

My son is a snobby design genius or he actually pays attention to design shows mommy watches. Either way he has developed quite the opinion on the subject and he hasn't stopped bringing it up.

This summer we will upgrade his room as Emily is ready to say goodbye to her toddler bed. The bed she currently uses was also used by Alex and will convert into a lovely double sleigh bed. Since Alex has a slightly larger room he will get the bigger bed. This is how it starts.. a bigger bed.. turns into a new dresser.. new design elements.. and a whole lot of fun!

Here are some ideas we are considering

We are seriously thinking of covering the popcorn ceiling with pallets.
Perhaps we can convince the little guy that a pallet feature wall would be just as cool
This will be his new dresser from Ikea

and while there we might as well pick up this adorable print too
A collection of globes would be perfect! Globes are expensive but I've been on the lookout. Hopefully I can find some this summer at tag sales
I love this idea for an under the bed lego table. We have accumulated so much lego its taking over.
I pretty much love EVERYTHING about this room that has a nod to the 1950's. Although we wont have room to put up a teepee we could definitely do some bunting and use some old suitcases to store thing like say.. LEGO! the pillows are amazing and I adore the bed.
I will leave the color scheme up to Alex but Im really digging the look of orange and navy
or grey and red
How fun would this chevron rug be from
Alex and I are so excited to begin his room this summer. Such little time and money but I know we will have fun hunting for treasures at yard sales and creating a room he will love.
all photos were found on pinterest

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out from under a rock

My apologies for not posting lately. I must confess that a few months ago I had taken on some contract work and between the house the kids and the job my time is being swallowed up faster than I can say.. well you get the picture.
However there is ALWAYS time for a good sale!
Ikea recently had the sofa event on yes I really am an Ikea whore and I couldn't resist picking up 2 of the Jennylund chairs (buy one get one half off)
We had been struggling with the chaise part of the Karlstad sofa we purchased. The cushion never seemed to stay puffy, it was always flat (clearly a favorite spot in the house) and it was beginning to give everyone a back ache. The favorite spot quickly became the rotten egg.
Ikea kindly credited us for it (happy dance) so hello new chairs
which led to a new area rug on sale at Homesense (we sold the shag)
and now we have a fresh new space
We are still on the fence about the rug, what do you think?
If we keep it I think we will have to switch up the curtains too.
And to refresh your memory.. an evolution of the front room (still in progress)
Starting with how it was when we bought the house

slowly coming along..

Monday, April 1, 2013

This week in pictures

1 Big Cook
2 funerals
Spring Break
Blizzards to Puddles
3 Band aids
A whole lot can happen in one week. Its been busy.
From left to right
1. Crazy snow blizzards at the beginning of the week.. I actually got stuck in front of the house
2. A little trip to Habitat for Humanity restore on a hunt for project materials
3. Williams Sonoma - pretty kettle. pricing is insane
4. Star wars pancakes, cookie cutters and so much more. AWESOME
5. A few rides at West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland with my best baby girl
6. Updated the bookshelf with different wrapping paper, so much better
7. New dish soap
8. Easter baskets!
9. Apparently decorating eggs is hilarious
10. The snow has melted! within a week roads are dry and rain boots are out
11. Easter stroll before the big dinner
12. Happy Birthday to my oldest niece xo
How was your week?

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