Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out from under a rock

My apologies for not posting lately. I must confess that a few months ago I had taken on some contract work and between the house the kids and the job my time is being swallowed up faster than I can say.. well you get the picture.
However there is ALWAYS time for a good sale!
Ikea recently had the sofa event on yes I really am an Ikea whore and I couldn't resist picking up 2 of the Jennylund chairs (buy one get one half off)
We had been struggling with the chaise part of the Karlstad sofa we purchased. The cushion never seemed to stay puffy, it was always flat (clearly a favorite spot in the house) and it was beginning to give everyone a back ache. The favorite spot quickly became the rotten egg.
Ikea kindly credited us for it (happy dance) so hello new chairs
which led to a new area rug on sale at Homesense (we sold the shag)
and now we have a fresh new space
We are still on the fence about the rug, what do you think?
If we keep it I think we will have to switch up the curtains too.
And to refresh your memory.. an evolution of the front room (still in progress)
Starting with how it was when we bought the house

slowly coming along..

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  1. The room looks great, don't like the rug, if you do, thats great.


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