Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I'm baaaaack!
Well I guess I really didn't go anywhere, no exotic trips or lottery winnings to report, oh unless you count that $5 I found in the laundry the other day (score!)... just incredibly busy wrapping up a recent work contract for the season, enjoying the nice weather and day dreaming about future projects.
For those of you that have written in asking where we are, thank you so much! As a new blogger its easy to forget that some people actually read what we are writing and actually notice when we haven't posted! I do apologize for the delay in posts and my goal is to continue posting as often as possible although it will not be as often as before.. that whole life / work / parenting/ get healthy / be creative/ balance thingy
For now this is a glimpse of this evenings festivities, the kids appeared looking like this and Alex wanted his picture taken solo but Emily not only joins in but mocks him.

And a preview of what I'm working on right now.. a certain big boy room for a certain superhero

Thanks for reading our blog and sticking around xo

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