Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Chairs

I love the table and chairs we bought off of kijiji last winter. The cane back detail was so lovely however the  best chair of all was destroyed by our tiny princess. One too many times of being told to sit on her bum at the table.. and it happened. She fell backwards chair and all. She was fine, just a little scared but the chair was not repairable (not by me anyhow) amazing how her tiny body won against the chair.

 After selling the remaining 3 chairs (making back almost as much as I initially paid for the table and 5 chairs) I found similar chairs but better. They didn't have the ornate detail on the top which I was tiring of but they had lovely legs and the cane back which I adore. The best part is I got 5 chairs for only $40 total. After a quick spray of high gloss white they looked good as new.
 I was able to get the same fabric which I have recently learned is called OIL CLOTH. This special fabric is a bit pricey as its almost like the fabric is laminated, allowing spills to wipe away with a cloth. Ive decided unless its a fabulous deal I wont use anything else until the kids are older.
Anyhow, I salvaged the material from the broken chair to save a bit of money and purchased enough fabric to cover the remaining 4 chairs. I am so happy with how they turned out

What do you think?

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  1. They are beautiful, love them.


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