Monday, July 22, 2013

Mellow Yellow

The sun is shining and the unthinkable finally happened.. we got central air! I cant express how exciting this news is. I have never had central air and the thought of never having a hot sleepless night again feels really good. AC in Edmonton still feels more like an extravagant luxury and not a necessity so it was a really big decision for our family. So far its been only a few days but already its made a huge difference. The kids are going to sleep at a decent hour again and everyone is sleeping well.
To celebrate the AC we added a splash of color to the exterior for under $25

Using an exterior paint made for our metal door we settled on Martha Stewarts EGG YOLK. A mini foam roller worked well and took only a few minutes to apply (we did 2 coats)
We also refreshed the white detail around the window

We removed the storm door (no longer needed now that we have A/C..oooh yeah baby!)  and now have a user friendly entrance with a bit of cheer


The bright yellow definitely reflects my mood lately and now that I know how easy and inexpensive it was to update the door,  I might just consider a new door color every year!
What color is your front door?

replace fencing
plant trees
build playhouse
plant a garden
plant flowers
patio lanterns
spray mailbox
update storm door
deck update

Dreamer.. nothin but a dreamer
sliding barn doors in hall
laundry chute
central vac crumb catcher
finished basement
master ensuite makeover
play kitchen for the kidlets
landscape front yard
air conditioning

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Green Green Green

Last year we let Alex plant a garden which he did pretty much by himself with a little direction from grandma. Read about last years garden here
We had an abundance of lettuce, cucumber, onions, parsley and of course tons of raspberries. Every time we turned around the kids were in the garden, covered head to toe in mud and it was pretty cool.

Emily last summer

This year we just didn't have the time or energy to plant the garden again, and truth be told although it was lovely the novelty wore off pretty quickly when it came to upkeep. With the kids another year older we decided we needed more green space for them to run around.  We began by clearing out the neglected garden, removing all the weeds and even some parsley that came back again this year. Last summer we actually gave away 80% of the raspberry bushes so that made the cleanup a bit easier on us

We used a rake and dragged a 2X4 across the old garden to try and level out the soil as best as we could (we only use the finest and fanciest tools around here) we then began applying fresh rolls of sod in a brick like pattern and watered for an hour or so.

It really didn't take too long to cover our 21X21 foot patch, and soon enough our dust bowl was gone

The new grass doubled our green space, but we needed something more.. especially for privacy

We planted a few Swedish Aspen trees at the end of the yard and we look forward to when they become HUGE and make a very private wall from our neighbors


We also planted a few on the side of the yard for privacy, the neighbors deck is situated in a way where they can look right into our yard.

The Red prickly bush is beautiful but is located directly beneath the water valve, every time I need to turn on the hose I am assaulted. The removal of this bush was next on my list.... until Mr. Bliss put a stop to the plan when he discovered this:

Until next time prickly bush, until next time....