Monday, July 22, 2013

Mellow Yellow

The sun is shining and the unthinkable finally happened.. we got central air! I cant express how exciting this news is. I have never had central air and the thought of never having a hot sleepless night again feels really good. AC in Edmonton still feels more like an extravagant luxury and not a necessity so it was a really big decision for our family. So far its been only a few days but already its made a huge difference. The kids are going to sleep at a decent hour again and everyone is sleeping well.
To celebrate the AC we added a splash of color to the exterior for under $25

Using an exterior paint made for our metal door we settled on Martha Stewarts EGG YOLK. A mini foam roller worked well and took only a few minutes to apply (we did 2 coats)
We also refreshed the white detail around the window

We removed the storm door (no longer needed now that we have A/C..oooh yeah baby!)  and now have a user friendly entrance with a bit of cheer


The bright yellow definitely reflects my mood lately and now that I know how easy and inexpensive it was to update the door,  I might just consider a new door color every year!
What color is your front door?

replace fencing
plant trees
build playhouse
plant a garden
plant flowers
patio lanterns
spray mailbox
update storm door
deck update

Dreamer.. nothin but a dreamer
sliding barn doors in hall
laundry chute
central vac crumb catcher
finished basement
master ensuite makeover
play kitchen for the kidlets
landscape front yard
air conditioning

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