Thursday, August 1, 2013

A trashy post

Mr. Bliss announced we had a problem with the garbage shed, he added a few bags of trash and a few wasps angrily chased him. Turns out our little friends felt our shed was the perfect place to build a nest. With little ones in our house and of course the safety of our garbage man we took action.

Step One
Place a sign warning garbage men and dumpster divers of danger. Honestly I think the sign could have been spruced up, perhaps some stickers and glitter?

Invest in some wasp spray, we went with the Raid brand. All you do is spray the nest from a safe distance and the chemical will cover the nest and fill up the opening eventually killing the wasps.

The next day we no longer heard buzzing and knew it was safe to open up the doors. We were shocked to find 2 nests!

Step Four
Using a long stick we knocked the nests down but had some exploring to do before we trashed them..
This part is kind of gross

Those pearl like things you see, those are baby wasps.. some were still wiggling. EEEWWWWW

The garbage shed has since been knocked down,  now we just need a cute place to hide our trash
I quite like these ideas found on pinterest

Snobby Garbage

Preppy Garbage

Wannabe Garbage

Creative garbage

What do you use to store your garbage? Where do you keep it until garbage day?


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    Preventing wood from unwanted materials is very necessary otherwise they could harm of it. Nice post by the way.

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