Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My baby turned 6! To celebrate Alex's 6th birthday he insisted on having a party at home with a Star Wars theme. We really got into the planning and had great visions for Jedi training, a bouncy house and a few other neat outdoor activities that the kids would love. We watched the weather all week and at 10pm the night before the big day we had to face the fact that the party would be a rain out. We quickly came up with plan B and hoped for the best!

While the kidlets were snoozing in their beds Mr. Bliss and I realized we were going to have no choice other than use our unfinished super messy basement as a back up. We cleaned up the space and proceeded to hang dozens of black garbage bags from the walls along with shiny silver and gold stars from the ceiling in hopes that it would distract from the typical basement environment. A few hours later we crossed our fingers that Alex would love it and not be disappointed.

The next morning when he saw his party space he was thrilled and we were relieved
Each guest received their very own light saber and jedi robe

inexpensive pool noodles cut in half with ends wrapped in shiny duct tape

Jedi Robes were made from strips of brown bed sheets. All you do is fold the strip in half and cut a hole for the neck, tie the robe together using string or rope. In our case we used some old macrame rope

The kids had balloons to hit with the sabers but preferred to hit each other. they had a blast!


 The Jedi\s filled their bellies with jedi juice, wookie cookies, princess lays, and other treats. Blogger fail - I didn't get a shot of the personalized Jedi Water but they were definitely cool
 Eventually it was cake time and we are pretty lucky to have a member of our family who makes some pretty incredible cakes. This year Alex requested an R2D2 cake and it was pretty awesome. It even lit up!!

The kids had such a wonderful time and Alex loved every second of it. I guess old school parties might still have an edge on the fancy keeping up with the Jones parties after all

Our little guests left with a goodie bag filled with a chocolate bar which had a  customized wrapper, glow in the dark stars, candy and my personal favorite a freezy with holder made out of left over duct tape and a bit of felt to keep little hands warm. Again we were so busy I forgot to take a picture.

How do you celebrate birthdays in your house?
do you prefer parties at home or do you visit different venues to make it a bit easier?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fence Board Art

Hope everyone enjoyed the summer! Although life is still quite busy around here we are still slowly chipping away at our to do list and more so on finding inexpensive ways to fill our walls and decorate our space.  Over the summer I have used all types of wood to create handmade growth charts and with that I have accumulated some wasted fence boards along the way. With our wasted boards I made the following art work in just an hour!

Fence Board Art
1. Cut the 6ft fence boards to the desired width
2. Use a smaller scrap piece of wood and nail the stained boards to it to create the face of the artwork
3. Almost any decor or department store carries packs of nail on or magnetic flowers, butterflies, etc and can be purchased for less than $20. We happened to have a set which once hung above the tub in our previous home. We have never found a place for them in our bungalow until now.
4. Hammer the nails (provided in your flower pack) into the board in whatever pattern you prefer
5.  Attach the plastic decorations directly to the nail, most are designed to just click on.
 6. Once your art is complete, attach picture hanging hardware to the back and hang. I think this would also look amazing on a mantle
It also helps to have a super cute assistant :)