Friday, October 25, 2013

A dresser for Emily

My little girl is growing up, along with her wardrobe. We are busting at the seams when it comes to storage in her modest room. Emily has a decent sized closet perfect for any little lady however once some of her favorite toys and books make their way into her room along with all of the items I cant seem to part with from her baby days its a bit much. Recently we did a makeover on our little guys room Read more here and purchased a dresser from Ikea. I'm quite happy with the dresser but even pressed board furniture can be costly. I have been on the hunt for something vintage for Emily that will suit the room and also give some much needed storage. Its a crazy world out there when it comes to second hand shopping, especially online. For months I have responded to dozens of ads within the hour they were posted and had never been successful.
I was over the moon when I finally connected with a seller and it was only luck that his original buyer didn't have a vehicle big enough and needed a few extra days to pick up the item. I have my mama minivan and was able to haul it away for him immediately. He was asking $60 which was a STEAL since Ive never seen one for less than $150. If you know me by now I rarely pay asking price for anything.. so I practically screamed "start the car" when I got this baby for $35
Picture from the ad:

She sat in our garage almost all summer but finally she is done and beautiful, sorry for the poor pics Ive been addicted to my camera phone lately. We chose not to use the mirror but we may add it later when Emily is older

How to refinish an old wooden dresser

1.Remove all hardware and give it a good wipe down using warm water and an old rag. If you have any major chips or dents you may want to use a wood filler first (read package directions)
2. Sand down the paint just enough to rough it up a bit. You don't have to remove the paint completely, even if it is has the old school shiny finish on it! If you have an electric sander, go for it as it will save some time and sweat otherwise do it by hand.
3. Using a wet rag, wipe down the dresser again to remove any dust created from sanding
4. Prime with Zinsser. This is a special primer that can be used on almost any surface and does not require sanding (I prefer to do a light sanding regardless). I used the Zinsser with the brown label because it dries within two hours. You can use the other ones but it could take up to 2 weeks to completely dry and cure. If you do choose the brown label please note that it has a strong smell so you will need to do this in a well ventilated area.
I brushed on the primer to ensure that I could get into all the nooks and crannies but it ended up being a huge mistake. Once dry, it left terrible brush marks which were very visible on the top and sides. To repair this I did a light sanding by hand to even out the strokes.

5. Next you will want to apply paint in your preferred color. The person at the paint counter recommended using a 2 in 1 paint and primer since I would be painting over an oil base primer. I selected Behr Paint in a blue shade called Vintage. I used a foam roller brush to complete the job
6. Apply 2 coats to the entire dresser and drawer fronts. A third coat was applied to the top of the dresser since it will see a lot of wear and I had extra paint. I thoroughly cleaned the interior of each drawer with soap and water and Lysol wipes before lining each drawer with contact paper (purchase at almost any department store - Canadians you can find really pretty rolls at winners or homesense).
7. I kept the hardware however I spray painted it white and let dry before attaching.
That's it! a brand new dresser which could easily be purchased for $350 for only $35 plus paint!!

Thanks for reading, hope you like our new dresser


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  1. Very nice ! I'm looking for a French style dresser to redo so u appreciate you posting how you did yours. Great tips !


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